What if I don't receive my SMS code?

If you do not receive the information sent from us including SMS codes, you may find the reason following below steps:
1. Check if the mobile number is entered correctly;
2. Check if the mobile number/account in service;
3.Check if your mobile number is a virtual number. If yes, you need to use different mobile number.
4. Check if the SMS has been blocked. If it is not blocked and you still do not receive the verification code, please try again after 5 minutes. (If multiple verification codes are requested in a short time, the system may block your number);
5. Switch to a different browser;
6. Ask your mobile carrier if there is a default block.

What if I forget my account password?

If you forget your password, you can click the "Forgot your password?"
Enter your mobile number, enter the new password and confirm, then click "Submit" to reset. After complete the process, please use your new password to log in.

What if I have an INKubator account but don't remember my log in details?

Please get in touch with our customer service (inkubator@ex.ink); we are here to assist you to recover the account.
For safety reason, we cannot pass the account information to ones that are not able to access the email provided when you sign up with us. So if you lost your password or access to your email, our support team would need to verify your identity before recovering the account for you.

Why my account shows "Logging in from a different location?"

It is a safety protection system to detect whether an account is logged in from an unfamiliar location. When your account logged in from another location other than your usual locations, the system may send you a reminder. If that is not you, please get in touch with us (inkubator@ex.ink).

How to set up an INK Account and make a deposit?

After you log in the INKubator account, click "Profile."
Select "INK," click "Create INK Address." After successful create your INK address, the system will automatically generate an INK Address. By copying the Address or scanning the QR code with your smartphone, you can make deposits to this Address. After confirmed by our system, the deposit will arrive in your INK Account.

What if I get duplicate INK Account Address? Can I change my address?

Every INK Account Address is unique and exclusive, and unchangeable. Please check your INK Address carefully when making deposits or withdraws. Once confirmed, the transactions will be irreversible.

What kind of token deposit does INKubator support?

INKubator supports INK and Qtum deposits.

How do I withdraw my token from my INK Account?

After you log in the INKubator account, click "Profile", select "Token Withdraw;"
Enter withdraw address and amount; next enter your fund password, click and get your SMS code, then enter the SMS code and fund password, click "Token Withdraw" to complete the process.

Why is there a service fee for my withdraw?

Service fee is charged by INKubator network.

How long does it take for the token to be credited?

Token withdraw need to be confirmed by the blockchain nodes before credited to your account. Times may vary depends on the condition of the network.

What is an IP asset?

IP asset (Intellectual Property asset), is the blockchain digital asset issued by IP creator, owner or operator for their original content project, once being confirmed their ownership within INK original content global ecosystem. The IP asset is also part of the cultural and creative project and the value depends on the specific project; at the same time, the IP asset also has the blockchain asset characteristics, including easily dividable, high liquidity and tamper resistant. To fundraising for cultural and creative project, the issuer of the asset may sell part or whole stock of the project asset and set a corresponding return. The investor is fundamentally the "supporter" of the project and it is identical to purchase from another investor or initial issue of IP asset. Project supporters can either hold and earn corresponding returns at a specific time or sell the asset in advance to obtain a premium.

What types of projects are supported in INKubator?

1. From the perspective of project's content, INKubator mainly supports transactions of cultural and creative projects, including but not limited to literary works, music, movies, TV dramas, art fairs, animation works and video games.
2. In terms of the way of return, INKubator supports the following two types of asset transactions:
a .Project with a certain return: At the time of distribution, some projects such as music albums and Garage Kit, are in the form of selling direct products or peripheral products and will determine the corresponding return based on the holding shares of the supporters. The form of return is normally some non-public offering or limited-edition products which have a certain collection value.
b.Project with an uncertain return: At the time of distribution, some project's form of return are not confirmed, and it could be but not limited to products, corresponding event tickets or cash-out (repurchase of IP asset). Compared with the certain return type, this type is considered riskier and the inverstor's main purpose is to support the project.

Is there any prerequisite when joining INKubator?

Yes. For protecting investor's interest to the greatest extend, INKubator will only list well raised-funded projects. These projects will be supervised by INKubator or qualified third party, which suggests well-funded projects recognised by INKubator investors. However, it does not guarantee the success of such projects, and INKubator will have no guarantee on interest return.

How to access return on IP asset?

When a listed IP asset starts issuing return, INKubator will notify all investors who participated in the crowdfunding. During the certain period, the investor will be able to exchange IP asset with corresponding return on the platform provided by INKubator. After exchange IP asset for return, the investor will lose the corresponding value of IP asset.
The investor needs to complete the exchange process within the time frame. However, the investor has the option to continue to own the IP asset.

Are there any risks lying within the projects traded at INKubator?

Yes. A project's return can only be realized after it has been completed, regardless of whether the return is fixed or not. Although INKubator will conduct due diligence for reliability and feasibility of all projects intending to be traded in the market, irresistibility still exists and may lead to failure of these projects, in which case returns cannot be paid back to investors. Investors should be aware of the risk before purchasing any IP asset.
For projects that do not have a fixed return, formats and amounts of their returns will depend on their completion quality, bringing an additional risk that need to be considered by the investors.
The IP asset trades at INKubator are results of investor's market behaviour, and are not offered directly by INKubator. Prices may deviate from the asset's value and thus be volatile in nature, resulting in investment risks. Whether to purchase an asset at a certain price or not depends on investor's own understanding and judgment of the project. INKubator is not responsible for risks generated from the purchase of any asset.
However, to protect investor's interests, INKubator regularly communicates with project owners and informs investors of the projects that have completed or unable to continue paying back returns. IP asset whose return cannot be realized will not disappear overnight. Owners of the IP asset can continue managing and transferring them through INK's wallet. This is also one of the blockchain asset's features.

Why is real name verification required? What kind of information does real name verification need?

To abide by anti-laundry policies of the country, every INKubator user will be required real-name verification. Real-name verification will also enhance the security of user accounts. For example when an account is at risk, the platform will use the verfication information to review the risky account and solve the issue.

To avoid any delay in the process of real name verification, please make sure the document that upload to the system meet the following criteria:

1. Please provide a valid passport within the effective date;
2. ID photo must be clear and visible (watermarking is allowed);;
3. ID photo requires high definition (image resolution at least 30dpi);
4. Supported image format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, and PDF.